The creation of a family whether through the traditional means of marriage or the more contemporary method of living under common law can be a joyful thing. However, when there is a need for separation because of differences that cannot be overcome, the process of divorce shouldn’t be painful to either the parents or their children.

Here at The Law Office of Rita G. Alexyn, we guide families through the intricacies of family law, showing them the way towards a peaceful resolution of their issue. We give our clients peace of mind by compassionately fighting for their rights whether in court or on the mediation table.

For over 18 years The Law Office of Rita G. Alexyn has offered Family Law counsel in the areas of custody, relocation, divorce, child and spousal support, alimony, property settlement agreements, pre and post nuptial agreements, adoptions and visitations.

Whatever the type of case, The Law Office of Rita G. Alexyn will work closely with you and your family until the matter is brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

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